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Joanna and Larry DeLuca the owners of DeLuca’s Fine Jewelry, are located in the downtown section of Longleaf Town Center, near Starkey Boulevard in Trinity.  Joanna has been in the beauty industry for 29 years and also owns Style Makers Salon, conveniently located right next to the jewelry store.  Larry, who had always owned his own businesses, appreciated Joanna’s sense of flair and style. The two got together, and the salon/jewelry store combo was born!  The idea began when Joanna and Larry went on a cruise. They bought some loose stones on an island and brought them back to the States. They were shocked when they found out how expensive it was to have them set.  So, Larry –entrepreneur that he is- did some research and decided that he needed to fill the void and make re-stylings available at more reasonable prices. To make a long story short, along came DeLuca’s Fine Jewelry.

Beauty and the Bling – the two shops complement each other really well. The DeLuca’s believe that when people look good, they feel good. “What a happy job I have!” Joanna boasts. “Our store is unique. We believe jewelry is like art. Some people are attracted to abstract and some, landscapes. Some go for sculpture and others are happy with a simple flower photo.  Have you ever said, ‘There’s something about that [fill in the blank]?’  Whether it be the color or style that speaks to you, it makes you feel good when you look at it or wear it.  Is your taste classic and traditional or fun and funky?  We probably have it and in all budgets. Sometimes our taste and our wallets don’t agree, but we’ll work with you to find a solution.  We’re here to help you.” The two-shops-in-one will dazzle you with their style!

Economic times are tough right now and luxuries are not on the top of everyone’s list. The DeLuca’s understand that and have less expensive alternatives in stock, such as silver and stainless steel, to satisfy all tastes and budgets. Gold, diamonds, gemstones, etc., are timeless and usually heirlooms. Offsite, a wonderful master jeweler does beautiful repair work for the DeLuca’s on your treasured pieces of jewelry…and at very reasonable prices. They can have most repairs back within a week.

As trends go these days, accessorizing jewelry with beads and charms is…in a sense…history repeating itself. In this day and age, Joanna & Larry know they need to always keep up with the trends, so they showcase an extensive collection of beads and charms that totally work together to complement- or even rival -the more expensive brand names.

FYI: DeLuca’s Fine Jewelry also gives you the best price on your gold.  They believe that it is your investment, not theirs.  They can and will help you get the most for your gold.  They encourage you to call them for a free quote before you sell to another jeweler.

Joanna and Larry DeLuca invite you to stop by and say “hello.”  They want you to look around and see what they showcase. They know you will like what you see.  You will feel right at home as soon as you walk through the door, and they will help you find exactly what you are looking for.  If they don’t have it in stock, they will order it or make a custom piece just for you.  Your hometown jeweler, DeLuca’s Fine Jewelry!

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