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One of the most important measures in life is having a roof over your head. When that roof has been built and/or repaired by Arry’s Roofing in Tarpon Springs, you can rest beneath it knowing it was constructed with the most solid quality and skillful workmanship.

James “Arry” Housh, his wife, Becky, and sons, Stephen and Matthew, have taken their business to the top of the roofing industry, and have succeeded in provided an outstanding product for homes and businesses throughout the Tampa Bay Area for nearly a quarter century. Having earned the MasterElite status among only two percent of contractors in the entire nation, this separates them from other roofing companies in that the entire work force is skillfully trained on an ongoing basis, to construct, repair and replace roofs expertly and efficiently, using only the best materials on the market!

This, once small, family-owned business has grown to become a leader in roofing excellence thanks to their dedication to customers and the relationships they have cultivated through their superior work ethic.  “When we show up at a job, we don’t look at it as just another job, we look at it as a relationship,” Vice President, Matt Housh, explains.

Arry continues, “My goal in business is to promote quality in workmanship and relationships. Once we perform work, we stay in touch with our referral program. If our customers refer someone to us with a potential need, we compensate them with a gift card and discount any work for the potential customer.”

With honesty, integrity and value, the MasterElite team at Arry’s Roofing will meet and exceed their customer’s expectations by installing and servicing any style of roof, be it metal, shingle or tile, and they offer a guarantee of their product under the Golden Pledge Warranty, the most substantive warranty in the roofing industry! Futhermore, each element of the Arry’s Roofing system is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, which ultimately translates to complete customer loyalty and satisfaction.

“We do a job professionally and with integrity, never compromising, protecting our reputation at all costs,” Matt said. “This allows us to stay on top in the business. We do more than just sell a roof. We put a protective and aesthetically pleasing cover on the most valuable asset most of our customers have, and we give them peace of mind, bringing them cleaner, better and safer products.”

Arry’s Roofing is located at 770 Grosse Point in Tarpon Springs. To schedule a consultation with one of their experts, call 727-756-1698, or visit

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