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By Paul Friedlander


Why the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce?


It’s actually quite simple– a chamber of commerce is a group that’s dedicated to protecting and promoting the local business community. The primary goal? To help business owners network and grow.

The Chamber of Commerce hosts networking events, fundraisers, workshops, and other activities, all with the aim of connecting local business owners.

The Chamber of Commerce has a good reputation, and many consumers have positive perceptions of members and their businesses.

In fact, you may be interested to know that according to a 2012 study conducted by the Schapiro Group, 49% of consumers were more likely to think favorably of a local business if it was a member of the local Chamber— and 80% were more likely to purchase a product or service from a chamber member.

The Chamber of Commerce offer discounts to members on everything from office supplies to continuing education. You may get access to email lists, as well as first dibs on booths at trade shows and other events.

‘You get out of a Chamber of Commerce what you put in” is very true, but what if that Chamber of Commerce helps you get some traction up front.  “Sounds good to me!”

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For membership information, contact Paul Friedlander at the WPCC, Paul@WestPasco.com or 727-641-0575.  Visit www.WestPasco.com for more community information.

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