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Bonnie Solino based her latest novel, “Kortdagbyen Island and the Secret Caves” on her experiences and
knowledge of Norway and its wonderful people, giving her the color and characters of her story.
She attributes her experiences with a Norwegian foreign exchange student and her family that gave
her insight into a rich, wonderful culture with fun, loving people.
Bonnie began creating an online show for children, for which she had written several short stories.
Suddenly, one of those shorts grew a life of its own and “Kortdagbyen and the Secret Caves was born.


For Immediate Release from 3AM PRODUCTIONS
Our newest 21st Century Mystery/Adventure For kids 9-13


“Kortdagbyen Island is in danger!”

“Aaauuukk!” Eleven-year-old Johann jumps out of bed, his morning wake-up shower can wait. The bloodcurdling
scream of a pterodactyl wakes him. This time it is a louder, more frantic noise than its normal, gravelly voice.
Something is wrong and he’s going to find out what it is.
Thus begins Bonnie Solino’s new mystery/adventure novel for 9-13 year olds, Kortdagbyen Island And The Secret
Caves. Set on a hidden island, north of Norway, this once Viking vacation spot…Kortdagbyen Island is being plundered
and changed forever by outside treasure hunters. Starting with the discovery of this most important island in the world
to the amazing people who protect it, the island’s history is intertwined within Johann’s story.
Johann and his friends: Anna, Christian, and Mikky travel through a rainforest, searching for the sick pterodactyl’s
nesting ground. While using their unique skills to boldly solve this mystery filled with poisoned pterodactyls, secret
hidden caves, a kidnapped friend, the murder of a father, and the discovery of a priceless treasure, each brings a special
talent to the job.
Discover why the pterodactyls were poisoned, who killed the father, and is there really a priceless treasure? And will
the kidnapped child be returned to the family? Read Kortdagbyen Island And The Secret Caves by Bonnie Solino for
the answers of these and other mysteries.

Kortdagbyen Island And The Secret Caves by Bonnie Solino
Soft cover: $15.99. ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-0692285855
E-book: $2.99.

434 pages, 32 b/w illustrations

Buy at www.createspace.com/4957574 or

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