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by Diana Jerome

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Wonderfully delicious, this crisp, classic, quintessential Provençal rose drinks like a refreshing white, with a touch of beautiful strawberry/cherry to refract the sunlight in a way that will transport you to the French Riviera! Provençal wine comes from the French wine-producing region of Provence in southeast France.

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Wine has been made in this region for at least 2,600 years, ever since the ancient Greeks founded the city of Marseille in 600 BC. Throughout the region’s history, winemaking has been influenced by the cultures that have been present in Provence.

Today the region is known predominantly for its rosé wine. Rosé wine currently accounts for more than half of the production of Provençal wine.

Complex and very well balanced, while emphasizing fruit and finesse. Cheerful aromas of raspberry fill the glass while notes of fresh juicy strawberries coat the palate. Grab some fresh berries, goat cheese and a baguette and enjoy!!

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