Wheelchairs 4 Kids

Jack’s Mom can now bathe him in a bathtub, not with a hose in the backyard. Angelica can now go to the mall with her friends, now that the lift for her wheelchair has been repaired. Wayne’s Grandmother can safely transport him into and out of the house, thanks to the 30-ft ramp that was constructed.

These success stories and so many more are the driving force of Madeline Robinson and her nonprofit organization, Wheelchairs 4 Kids. Madeline recognized the dire needs of disabled children and teens she was helping through other organizations in West Tampa Bay.

“I saw so many children in wheelchairs that were too small for them and patched up with duct tape,” she said. “I wondered why no one was doing anything to help them.” So she did. With the support of her husband, Lonnie, Madeline set up an office in their home, and Wheelchairs 4 Kids was born!

The goal & mission of Wheelchairs 4 Kids is “to give every child with mobility challenges the best opportunity to live life to its fullest.” Thanks to generous donations and manufacturers discounts obtained by the organization, their goal is being met and exceeded! Children & teens are provided the assistance they need, be it a motorized wheelchair for navigating school campuses, residential and vehicular modifications for safer transitioning, or therapeutic equipment for strengthening and rehabilitation.

In 2012, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was instrumental in changing the lives of 30 young people.”My lofty goal is to help every child with a disability,” said Madeline, , “but realistically, I would like to help 50 children a year.” She and her organization are well on their way!

Wheelchairs 4 Kids is located at 1976 S Pinellas Ave. in Tarpon Springs. For information on Wheelchairs 4 Kids or to make a donation, call (727) 946-0963, or visit www.wheelchairs4kids.org.

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