Are YOU “camera ready in LIFE? By Barbara Marville Kelly

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Summer time is a great time for Vaca, Staca, OR the “mindful” getaway, which stays with us all year long. Isn’t it refreshing to take some time to chill, relax, go boating, walk the beach, attend a retreat, go dancing, spend quality time with family and friends that we wish would never end.  After all the fun, we are back to the same routine which for some is a moan and groan, for others it is a Yes, looking forward to getting back to work, schedules, appointments etc. Imagine that you could live your life doing what you love to do every day, and your vacation is simply a way to add to the joy, and celebrate. This is possible.

After many years in the television business, including the present, we have used this metaphor of “Lights Camera Action” to take a snapshot of our present moments and life experiences, in order to evaluate our path and direction. “Are you camera ready to show up in life?” Camera ready in television is when you are ready to go live “on air!” There is such a profound similarity to showing up in life, as “camera ready!”

As a former HSN Professional TV Host for 15 years, now with Tampa Bay Multi Media starting over once again in my life, the above questions brought me to the metaphor of “Lights Camera Action!” I coached my own way to be of service to others. Lights: Shine the light on YOU! Camera: Look at yourself as if you are observing yourself thru a lens of a camera, ACTION:  After looking and observing, what do you see?  Only two emotions, comfort or discomfort. The rest will come naturally and organically. If it is comfort, obviously you are following your “heart” and discomfort looks like ACTION to make some adjustments may be in order. Only YOU know the answer.

Little did I realize at the time that by utilizing my own concepts for personal growth & development, my concepts would lead the way to helping others, and the understanding that there can be a “second take on life!”

“The Spotlight is On You” phraseology is the reminder process where YOU are observing YOU by YOU, keeping your life in check with the “snapshot” and “spotlight on you!”

Every individual has the opportunity to tap into the treasures and talents with which they were born with. Unlock the “Master Key Codes” to lives mysteries and turn them into “LIFE’s Masteries!” We were born with the mastery of greatness. The mystery comes when we get in the Master’s way.

Summer time is the perfect time for a vaca, staca OR that mindful guided imagery trip into the unknown or that place in time of your dream state, to dream the infinite possibilities of life


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Barbara Marville Kelly
Author of "Defy Aging" | My real estate background allowed me to connect with people from all walks of life much like my TV Hosting. I enjoyed a wonderful career at The Home Shopping Network, which lead me into my current Hosting position on We Beam TV. " My Passion is LIFE, making a difference, family, friends, good health and DANCE!!"

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