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Go Minimalist – Even If Only For a Week    By Doreen Damm

Ever wonder why you completely relax when you stay in a hotel or rent a vacation home? Look around, there is no stuff cluttering your retreat. Nothing to prompt you to do your normal routine of chores, cleaning and those never ending to do lists. It is just the essentials in each room leaving your mind to relax and take in the good life.

Well you can have that at home too. Just before you go on vacation, instead of packing the essentials for your trip, pack everything but your essentials. Put away all the little décor items that remind you to dust. Store all those kitchen gadgets and just leave out the coffee pot. Declutter table tops and even put extra furniture pieces in the garage for the time being. If your space is clear and only what you absolutely need to sit, eat, and sleep are left, you are free to relax and enjoy that dream vacation from the comfort of your very own home.

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Here are a couple of tips to help you go “Minimalist”

  • The largest things in any room are the furniture. Determine which pieces can be eliminated without sacrificing comfort and livability, the fewer pieces the better. Clear the floors of non-essential items.
  • Do the same thing with all flat surfaces. Clear them off leaving only one or two items. Everything you need should be out of sight, in drawers or cabinets. This also applies to wall art. Keep it simple with just a couple meaningful pieces.
  • Your room should be mostly subdued colors using your accent pieces to add a splash of bright color and interest.
  • Don’t forget your outdoor room. A few quality pieces of patio furniture with bright, solid colored cushions can give you that resort feel. Condense all those potted plants into just one or two large container gardens.

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A minimalist home is very calming. The fewer items, the less visual stress we have. You will find it more appealing, even if only subconsciously. Try out this new look in your home this stay-cation. Who knows, you might like it enough to keep it all year.



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