SUP and Yoga for Everybody at Gill Dawg Marina

Gill Dawg Marina |

Feel the fresh sea waters flowing beneath, as you float in peace.


 This meditation experience will move your soul and awaken the heart.

Meet at Gill Dawg Marina Wednesdays…
4-6pm. Paddle out to the beautiful and peaceful mangroves for meditation. Get fit and relaxed all in one session!

6:15-8pm is Land to Sea.. yoga on the lawn, followed by sunset SUP.

RSVP via email

There is a 9 person max for these sessions, so reserve your spot today!
$35 per person (includes paddle board)
$15 per person (bring your own SUP)
$5 per person (6:15pm yoga only)

Gill Dawg Marina: 5419 Treadway Dr. Port Richey, FL 34668

What to bring: If we are supplying your equipment, just bring your smiling face! We supply PFD safety equipment. Sunscreen and insect repellent suggested as well. Bring a yoga mat for the 6:15pm session.

What to wear: Wear what is comfortable and allows you to move freely (swim gear in summer, gym nylon “wick” wear in winter). We would also recommend that you wear water shoes or strap on rubber sole sandals (no flip flops). Check the temperature and be prepared. If it’s cold, we recommend that you dress in layers because you can get warm quickly when paddling.

You are paddle boarding in the water so consider bringing a towel and a change of clothes.

No experience necessary.

Hosted By: Kashi Heynis


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(727) 842-1070
5419 Treadway Dr, Port Richey, Florida 34652

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