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Halloween Treats – Heathly & Quick


1 mum toast


Mummy Munches

Spread pizza sauce on toasted bread or snack crackers for the base of this fun take on pizza bites. Zig zag strips of cheese for the bandages and add sliced olives or mini turkey pepperoni for the eyes.



This quick is as simple as peeling a banana and slicing it in half. Press chocolate chips into the ends for the eyes and nose. What to take it up a notch, insert a popsicle stick and dip the banana in melted white chocolate before adding the eyes and mouth and put in freezer to harden the chocolate coating.

2 ghost pump


Pumpkin patch

Peel clementines or tangerines and insert celery sticks for the stem. These sweet and juicy snacks will be gone before you can say “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”


3 mouth


Monster Mouths

Core and slice apples, then spread creamy peanut butter on one side of each apple slice. Place a few mini marshmallows along the edge with the peel and top with another apple slice.



Deviled Spiders

Take your traditional deviled egg recipe and creep it up. Slice pitted black olives in half and place one half in the middle of the egg. Slice more olives lengthwise into eight pieces and push into the filling for the legs.4 spider



Octopus Dogs

My personal favorite and most requested snack of all time. Starting lengthwise an inch from one end of the hot dog, slice it in half all the way to the other end. Turn the dog and slice in half again. Now you have four legs. For an Eight legged octopus, carefully slice each leg in half again.5 dog Place hot dog on plate with whole end standing up and the legs fanning out in a spiral. 6 dog seaDepending on the wattage of your microwave, cook hot dog 35 to 50 seconds. The legs will curl and you have an octopus. For a quick meal, serve on a sea of pasta.




By Doreen Damm

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