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Trinity’s Premier Coffeehouse

11143412_495779330585083_4234217495852650521_n (3)From the Pacific Northwest coffee country to Trinity, Florida….. Perks Coffeehouse knows specialty coffee.  Clara Rose, the owner, and her daughter, Danielle, who works at the coffeehouse, are from the Pacific Northwest, an area known for coffee.  “I grew up where coffee was King,” Clara Rose said.  “I wanted to bring that coffee culture to the area.”

Perks coffee is made from specialty beans; a step above premium beans.  All Perks coffees are locally roasted.  Buddy Brew, a local roaster from Tampa, is their coffee supplier.  “Tampa has some really good local roasters.  Buddy Brew has the most amazing coffee,” said Clara Rose, Perks Coffeehouse owner.PerksCoffeehouse_072415-1_fb_800┬⌐_Valerie_Bogle

The owner has been trained by a master barista.  She learned and trained in understanding the differences in coffee beans.  Perks offers two types of coffee brews, a house blend and a bold roast.  The house blend has a mellow flavor incorporating an Ethiopian coffee bean and a Brazilian coffee bean.  The bold roast is a Sumatra coffee bean, but a lighter roasted Sumatra with a rich, full-bodied flavor.  All their coffee beans are fresh and roasted weekly for Perks.  Bakery and other items are also local with the exception of a few that could not be obtained in the Tampa Bay Area.

Perks continues to expand their coffeehouse services, and they will extend their hours in the near future.  They offer retail items, such as, mugs, travel mugs, and cold brew beverages for on-the-go.  Coffee is sold by the pound, and coffee related gift items, seasonal gift baskets, and gift cards are sold in the coffeehouse.

The mission of Perks Coffeehouse is to create a sense of community and a place for people to enjoy a great cup of coffee while offering a space to have meetings or a nice atmosphere to relax.  The coffeehouse offers open mic night once a week, and it is a prime business location for numerous small business meetings throughout the week.  The Trinity location was ideal for their mission.  “I love how everyone is looking for a place to connect, be a community, and look for places to create community,” said Clara Rose.

Perks Coffeehouse is located at 10720 State Road 54, Ste.105 in Trinity, Florida.  You can visit their website for more information at

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By Christy Collier | | October 2015

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