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West Pasco bldgA century ago, only 40 major U.S. cities had a chamber of commerce. Today, there are more than 7,000 chambers, boards of trade, and designated nonprofits advancing the interests of their communities. Political and civic leaders across the country recognize that a chamber creates a stronger, more dynamic community. Companies are interested in a range of issues, from health care and transportation to education and workforce development. Further, scarce resources are causing politicians, nonprofits, and business leaders to collaborate more than ever. A chamber is uniquely qualified to be the focal point for this collaborative effort and to effect positive change for both businesses and the community.west-pasco-chamber-of-commerce


The West Pasco Chamber of Commerce is on the cutting edge of working with these organizations and bringing the West Pasco Community together, strengthening our economic climate on a daily basis.  We are continuing to grow our community at a fast pace with new businesses opening almost daily and forward thinking community leaders and business partners.

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Paul Friedlander

Membership Director

West Pasco Chamber of commerce


The road to success is paved with failure.  Do not be afraid to fail.

“Try, Fail, Adjust!”


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