Pasco Has an Angel. Her Last Name is Cook

Pasco’s Amazing Angel

Angel Cook (2)

Angel Cook

When young people enter the wide, wild world of business, it can be challenging to successfully blaze trails, especially when you don’t know the right people with whom to associate.

Angel Cook understands this, and she has lived in West Pasco County her entire life. She knows how it feels to be new to networking, and she has felt the awkwardness that accompanies meeting strangers and pressing palms in an attempt to capture new customers and repeat business.

Angel first embarked on a career in insurance 14 years ago, and she promptly realized that even though she knew a community of people, it would require a focused effort to approach them as potential customers and sell them property and casualty insurance.

That’s when the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce became a huge asset to her and to others, as a bridge between area professionals and customers from all walks of life and business genres.

An important organization within the Chamber, known as the West Pasco Young Professionals Group, was formed to help individuals like Angel – new to the business world – build a customer base through networking opportunities with others of similar mind-set within the community.

Angel explained, “I became involved the first year it was organized in 2007, thanks to Kelly Armstrong and Tina Shelton. I was new to networking and needed like-minded, career-driven people to help me grow as a salesperson.”

Eight years later, Angel is the newly-appointed chairperson of the WPYPG, and she is optimistic about the group’s future growth and development. “We plan on having new, engaging speakers at each meeting, that will educate and help the Young Professionals in any area of business they may be in.  The Board and I are ready for WPYPG to show the community that we are strong, we are excited, and we are eager to help be a part of what makes West Pasco so great!”

The Young Professionals also participate in fundraisers throughout the year, with their two major efforts being Sleek & Sexy planned for November, and the CHASCO Bowling Tournament held on the Tuesday during the CHASCO Fiesta. The monies raised from these events benefit local, non-profit organizations including, but not limited to United Way, SPCA, PACE Center for Girls, The RAP House and the Center for Independence.

Angel and her husband are parents to two girls: Lexi (15) and Taylor (11), and they certainly lead by example, instilling in their daughters the value of creating balance between family, career, and community to truly have it all.

A real angel at work in our area, Angel is an active volunteer, giving back to our community through various organizations, aside from WPYPG: Rotary Club of Trinity, Community Service Council, Networking Professionals Inc., Junior Service League of Greater New Port Richey, Trinity Business Association, West Pasco Business Association and The RAP House.

“I have to say, the best part of living in West Pasco is the community. We have amazing people who generously donate their time, money and complete dedication to helping this community grow and improve. They come together for a cause and will not stop until the goal is reached. I am proud to call West Pasco home and would not have it any other way,” Angel added.

To become involved with the WPYPG, your business/employer must first be a member of the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce. Simply complete a WPYPG application and pay the affordable annual membership fee of $25. For more information, please contact the West Pasco Chamber at 727-842-7651, or visit

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