Holiday Pet Impressions | Paw Print Ornament

Holiday Pet Impressions | Paw Print Ornament

Capture Your Pets Paw Print Ornament for a Lasting Memory that Hangs on Your Tree

Holiday Pet Impressions | Paw Print Ornament


Paw print ornament kits supply all you need to make a beautiful paw-print keepsake that you can hang on your Christmas tree or wall. Just knead the white clay putty, spread and smooth it in the plastic shaping ring and press your pet’s paw to make the impression and make a hole for the ribbon. Needs no baking, dries in minutes and is ready to hang. Etch your pet’s name and the year into the clay before it dries for a lasting memory.

Don’t want to buy a kit, you can purchase Air Dry Clay or make your own for a fun holiday craft with kids.

No Cook Clay with cornstarch and white school glue  

Put 2 cups of corn starch in a large bowl and add small amounts of glue while stirring. Keep adding glue until the mixture reaches a good consistency – it will be about two parts cornstarch to one part glue.

  • If it’s too crumbly, add more glue
  • If it’s too sticky, add more cornstarch

Hand shape or roll out and use cookie cutters and your ready to make your paw print ornament.

When done, set it in a cool, dry place to harden. In a few hours you can paint it or hang it as is.


By Doreen Damm


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