Support Our Local Economy This Holiday Season

Support Our Local Economy This Holiday Season

local businessSupport Our Local Economy

While you are making your holiday preparations, consider shopping at our local small business and using small business contractors and service providers. Grab lunch at the local dinner and treat family and friends to dinner at our local restaurants.

By supporting your local small businesses, you can energize the shops, your community becomes more connected and you might even find a unique gift or a new favorite dish. Did you know that on average, 48 percent of each purchase at local independent businesses was recirculated locally, compared to less than 14 percent of purchases at chain stores boosting the local economy? This data, shared by the American Independent Business Alliance.

More and more people are recognizing how important it is for their local economy and quality of life to patronize local businesses that support their community. That includes not only job creation and taxes, but support for local charities, events and more. Independent businesses help increase employment rates, as well become the customers to local accountants, lawyers, printers, marketing agencies and more. The domino effect is simply too good to ignore – yet unfortunately, too many consumers do.

Online or at big box stores, remember that every time you spend even a dollar, you are impacting your local economy, vitality and overall livelihood. The schools, public services, parks and recreation and so much more are all impacted by local businesses, as well, and again, impacted by your choice to support your community at large… or not. So this holiday season – and even beyond – consider where you want to spend your dollars and how it will impact the big picture of your hometown and the local economy.

Support our local economy this holiday season by shopping and dining locally, you can make a difference.

By Doreen Damm


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