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Family + Community=The Gift of LoveSteve Farrell & Tina Farrell

It was truly a team effort that proved victorious at the 18th annual “Honorary Governor of West Pasco” competition, decided over the summer. Team Farrell that is, headed up by none other than the newly-elected “Governor” himself, Steve Farrell.

Sponsored by the West Pasco Chamber of Commerce, the “governor’s race” is an annual fundraiser for WPCC, and the charities of two candidates campaigning for the “Governorship”. This year, Steve’s worthy competitor, Doug Saxon, represented Pasco Kids First. Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco, which provides healthcare for the uninsured, was Steve’s benefactor.  One “vote” equaled $1, donated to the organizations by a set deadline. Whichever candidate received the most “votes” was “elected Honorary Governor of West Pasco 2015-2016”. Half the money raised benefited the non-profits, while the other half WPCC committed to their efforts in support of local businesses  and their road to success.

A cause close to Steve’s heart, Good Samaritan Health Clinic of Pasco, is a non-profit organization comprised of volunteers, that provides quality, non-emergency medical and dental services, free-of-charge, for the uninsured residents in Pasco County.  Their goal is to be recognized as the leading source of healthcare for the uninsured through their partnerships with medical and dental providers and other community resources. They strive to use these resources wisely and to always treat their patients, volunteers, and staff with dignity and respect.

“I am very proud to have been chosen as the Honorary Governor of West Pasco Chamber.  I enjoy representing the Chamber as well as our community,” Steve acknowledged.

His path to the governorship is littered with philanthropic deeds and good-will. Aside from Good Samaritan, Steve’s other benevolent endeavors include: Port Richey Rotary,  who, not only supports our communities, but is part of an organization active throughout the world, making a difference in people’s lives; The Angelus House; RAP House; various Veterans organizations; Fire and Iron a children’s burn camp, as well as other children’s charities.

Steve and his wife, Tina, own Team Farrell Contracting and Roofing, Farrell Floors, Farrell Outdoors, and Farrell Air Conditioning. They moved to Florida to raise a family after Tina’s parents relocated to West Tampa Bay, when they began their road to professional success and charitable giving.

This honorary Governorship is not the only time Steve and Team Farrell have been recognized for their service. In 2014, Farrell Roofing, was named Philanthropic Corporation of the Year, after having been nominated by Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation.Steve Farrell Governor

Steve and Tina have three daughters and a son: Annamarie (26), Christina (26), Shelby (21), and Stephen (19). They will tell you that to maintain balance between their personal and professional lives, they consistently include their family in their work, charity and social events. They see it as a better way of giving more back to the community they love.

Steve explained, “Involving our family in our non-profit work keeps us strong as a family.  Our children have participated in events we sponsor and have worked in our business in different capacities.  They also have learned that with success, comes responsibility to give back. They enjoy it as much as we do.

He humbly added, ” My family is the most important thing to me.  I am happy when I know that they are happy and healthy, and I also enjoy seeing other people happy. This path has enabled me to give my family a good life, and provide them a home. It has also allowed me to give back to our community and make a difference in some lives.  I hope, I have also been able to make people happy.”

Congratulations, Governor! Thank you for your service to WPCC and to our community!

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