Hometown Story | Tim & Reggie Gibson, Local Business Owners of Tim’s Auto Performance Center & RTG Auto Sales

True Winners in Love and Business  

Tim & Reggie AP Format_crop as needed“The winner ain’t the one with the fastest car, it’s the one that refuses to lose.”

Dale Earnhardt said that, and NASCAR enthusiasts, Reggie and Tim Gibson of Tim’s Auto Performance Center and RTG Auto Sales in Tarpon Springs, are true winners, because they refused to lose each other, in spite of life’s twists and turns.

Reggie and Tim met nearly forty years ago when she was working a stint at the Clearwater Chamber of Commerce through a high school gig, and Tim’s future-former wife worked there, also. Ironically, Tim and his former wife attended Reggie’s first wedding together.

Little did Tim & Reggie know their paths as divorced spouses would cross again in the late 90’s, and bring them together as a Tarpon Springs power-couple with an incredible drive and tireless work ethic, not just as friends and lovers, but as business and community servants.

After working on cars since a young lad of 12, Tim devoted his life to becoming a master mechanic, which he accomplished in 1972. He opened Tim’s Performance Service Center in Tarpon Springs in 2006, and after a few potholes along the way, he has celebrated a decade of great success!tims

Tim got his used car dealers license and opened RTG Auto Sales in 2009.  “He wanted to be able to purchase a vehicle, run it through the garage side to make sure everything was in working condition, and sell it knowing there was nothing wrong with the vehicle,” Reggie explained.

Tim currently hosts a weekly radio show, “Grease Gurus” on WTAN-1340 AM, and has since June 2014. The show “promotes good car health” in a call-in format. Listeners can call Tim and ask specific questions pertaining to their car’s “health” and well-being.  “Grease Gurus” airs Saturday mornings at 10:00, and is simulcast on IRN (Internet Radio Network).

Reggie was a Sr. Mortgage Processor when she was surprisingly laid-off in 2008, after 29 years with the same employer. She was in limbo, unsure of what to do. She stepped in as Tim’s office manager, and has never looked back!

Last October, Reggie finished an interim position as Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce President. She currently serves as the Secretary of the Tarpon Springs Merchants Association, and she belongs to WIN (Women In Networking), all of which keeps her incredibly busy. Tim regularly supports local organizations with Reggie, and the couple knows the power of networking locally to build relationships and benefit their community.

Family is incredibly important to Tim & Reggie, who just celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary Dec 28th, and they make time whenever possible to spend time with their children and grandchildren.

Their blended family consists of Reggie’s son, Scott, who lives in Knoxville, TN, and is a chef for a food service company that handles nutrition for a high school.  Her daughter, Rachel, is a teacher of autistic children at San Jose Elementary in Dunedin. She and husband Joey, have two children, Jace (5) and Penelope (1 ½).  Tim’s son, Michael, is an attorney who owns a personal injury law practice in Orlando, alongside his wife Jennifer. They have two kids, Brady (6) and Emery (3).

The two live their idealic lives as friends, lovers, parents, grandparents, business people, community servants and NASCAR enthusiasts, who can pick up and escape the madness anytime they choose (unless it interferes with business), thanks to their amazing homestead, a beautiful Tiffin Allegro Motorcoach.

 By Debra Taylor Tee | www.ItsYourHomeMagazine.com

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