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IMG_1402As a local business owner, it is both a privilege and an expectation to give back to the community that supports me and my firm. Ever since I hung my shingle years ago, I have made sure that charitable donations and sponsorships were integrated into the foundation of my firm just as much as client satisfaction and stellar representation were. As my firm has grown, so have my contributions to this community. I am delighted to have been able to assist over fifty different non-profits, local schools and outreach programs achieve their financial goals.


With that being said, the offer to be the first ever presenting sponsor for the Chasco Fiesta provided a unique opportunity that I could not pass up. Growing up in West Pasco, the Chasco Fiesta was something I looked forward to every year. At the time, I did not quite realize its importance to all of our local charities, but I did realize what a blessing it was to experience such an event with my family and friends. The parades, the music, the food and the introduction to Native American culture were all memories I carry with me to this day.IMG_1295


IMG_1454As a proud parent, these are memories I hope to pass along to both my children and all the other children in our community, however, I started to worry about one aspect of the Chasco Fiesta: sponsorship. The Chasco Fiesta is the major fundraiser for most of  the non-profits and charities in the area, but it is also a symbol of West Pasco. These two factors lead to a sort of conundrum. Generally, only large corporations have the disposable income to sponsor events like these, but on the other hand, having a large corporation with no affiliation to this area sponsor the Chasco Fiesta just felt wrong to me.

What the Chasco Fiesta needed was a local business that also had the means to sponsor this great event. Fortunately, through the dedication of myself, my staff and the support of this community, my firm is in a position to facilitate this need. Therefore, it is with great honor, pride and respect that my firm becomes the first ever presenting sponsor of the Chasco Fiesta, and it is a title we pledge to hold for many years to come.

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