Sister Cities Share Climate and Culture on Two Continents

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New Port Richey, FL, USA & Cavalaire-sur-Mer, Cote D’Azur, France

4 Arlette Forlano visiting Cavalaire Tourism Center (2)If you’ve ever had a sister, you know that it is one truly special relationship. One of the definitions Merriam-Webster provides for the word sister is “one that is closely similar to or associated with another.” Such is the case for New Port Richey and her sister city, Cavalaire-sur-Mer, in a Provence of southern France, on the French Riviera, or Cote D’Azur.

Historically, cities are proclaimed sisters when they are found to be similar in naturally, culturally and geographically, even though they are on different continents.

Both, New Port Richey and Cavalaire-sur-Mer, are coastal communities, each located on bodies of water: New Port Richey on the Gulf of Mexico, and Cavalaire-sur-Mer on the Mediterranean Sea. These two amazing cities share a love of arts, history and culture, as well as, for their residents and visitors.

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In 1995, Cavalaire-sur-Mer became New Port Richey’s sister city. Cavalaire Square, located at 5733 Missouri Ave, in downtown New Port Richey, was named for their beautiful sister city. Inspired by their very special relationship, it is home of arts and cultural performances.

6 Cavalaire Tourism Center (3)Cavalaire-sur-Mer native, Arlette Forlano, and her husband Armando, currently reside in New Port Richey. They visited her former home while vacationing in France. They found an ancient Phoenician colony, steeped in history, rich with artifacts from the Gallo Roman occupation, and archaeological excavations revealing evidence of several sites dating from the first century BC. During WWII, it was the site of the beach landing in Operation Dragoon, during the allied invasion of southern France.

Cavalaire-sur-Mer, a secret seaside known for its water sports, is a lovely little town, with beautiful beaches and an expansive port, all with majestic mountains as an incredible backdrop.

Arlette said, “There are fascinating corners of enchantment everywhere. Like New Port Richey, it is set by the water, offers a mild climate and sunny days just about all year long. There are so many similarities to tie the two cities!”

The city of New Port Richey Cultural Affairs Committee has revived the sister city program that started more than two decades ago.  “The city connections and cultural link, as well as monument signs at either end of main street, proclaim the sister city relationship,” Arlette explained.

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