Thinking About Starting Your Own Travel Business?

Seize Your Destiny and Your Destination with TIX Travel & Tickets

By Debra Taylor Tee

Say you want to go to the Taylor Swift, Adele, or Bruce Springsteen concert, but it’s sold out. Maybe you want to see the Super Bowl, World Series or Stanley Cup, but tickets are scarce. No worries! It’s highly probable the experts at TIX Travel & Tickets have the connections to hook you up!

Rich Klein, founder and president, boasted, “We are the only travel agency of its kind with a built-in ticket broker to get sold-out tickets to concerts, theater, and sporting events.”

Rich started out as a ticket broker in college. He successfully secured tickets for popular concerts and Broadway shows for his customers in the New York and New Jersey areas.

“After graduation, people kept asking for tickets,” Rich said. “Soon companies were asking, not just for Broadway tickets, but for flight and hotel arrangements for out of town guests. Rather than farm out the travel portions, I learned the travel business and opened a full-service ticket and travel agency.”

But that’s only a portion of his business. Since 1982, Rich and his team at TIX Travel & Tickets have helped others seize their own destiny by becoming ticket and travel agents, too. TIX is the only business opportunity that combines both travel and tickets.slider-7-lp


“The favorite part of my business is helping others get into their own business, so they can be their own boss and control their destiny. I love teaching people how to get into the travel business, and see them grow from zero to full-service in no time, This is the perfect home-based business or it can be added to an existing business.” Rich confided.

No experience is necessary to get involved in the travel industry. TIX Travel & Tickets provides all you need via online training and support to become a successful travel agent plus they provide a customized website so customers can book travel and tickets 24 hours a day.  Agents also earn huge discounts for their own travel. Cruises and hotels want agents to sell their property so they give free and discounted travel.

To start the next leg of your professional career and start your own travel and ticket business visit their website, and get the free info-kit. Find hard-to-get tickets to the next great event, or book flights, hotel accommodations and car rentals for your family vacation by visiting

TIX is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.


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