Where Are the Fish in Pasco?

Capt. Bob’s West Central Florida’s Fishing Report

By Capt. Bob Hubbard

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captain-bob-grouper-adreneline-fishing-CustomLooks like the winds will start to calm down more this week. Finally. So we are going to discuss our offshore quarry this week. Water temps are still cool and the fish are hungry so let’s get to it.


I would have to say the most popular offshore species for West Central Florida anglers is Grouper. Known for their tackle testing demeanor and excellent table fair, they always bring a smile to the lucky angler that gets a hookup with one of these beasts.


Grouper are considered to be an offshore species but Gag Grouper can actually be caught just about anywhere. However, most near shore Grouper are undersized especially with the new size limit of 24 inches for Gag’s. Larger keeper Grouper on the west coast are generally located from around 9 miles on out on hard rocky bottom. Red Grouper, Scamp and Red Hind are located in even deeper water. Yellow Fin and Snowy are deep drop fishing in around 600 feet of water. We prefer large #8 circle hooks tied on to 5 feet of 150 lb. fluorocarbon leader. Use a 6-ounce weight out to around 45 feet then 8-ounce out to around 120 feet. Main line is usually 80 lb. mono or 100 to 120 lb. Dacron.


Numbers, numbers, numbers is what everyone is always asking for. GPS coordinates that can put you on prime Grouper grounds is the main key to success. There are numbers that are public that can be found on some charts or maybe you are lucky enough to no someone with good numbers. Having a GOOD depth recorder is a necessity to find fish and establish tour own set of numbers. If you find fish and you’re not hooking up does not mean they are not there, change baits. You should have frozen pilchards and or sardines on board for when the live bait bite is slow. Another good way to find fish is trolling a stretch 15 in 12 to 25 feet of water and a stretch 30 in 25 to 45 feet. When anchored up bring a Kingfish spinning rig and throw out a live bait for a passing Kingfish. They generally swim above the Grouper. Happy fishing and tight lines.


We are booking river and island cruises on the Magic Dolphin Island Adventure this week as well as an Island Adventures on the weekend so call and get ready for a great day in paradise. Check our website and click on the calendar for upcoming charters that are available at http://www.islandparadisecharters.com.

About the Author

Bob Hubbard
Capt. Bob is a USCG Licensed Captain and manages the operations at Island Paradise Charters. He has sailed many thousands of miles in the Gulf of Mexico and knows these waters like the back of his hand. Capt. Bob has been entertaining folks on vessels on the west coast of Florida since 1971. He has a vast knowledge of the local history and featured attractions. Capt. Bob holds a USCG license Master Captain, “Magic Dolphin” is USGC inspected, Crew is drug free, Capt. Bob holds an FCC license, Capt. Bob is contracted by the state of Florida as an island destination. Member of APCA (American Professional Captains Association).

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