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♦What’s a Vacation?

Debra Taylor Tee headshot Blog imageI think it has something to do with not working. I’m not terribly familiar with the concept anymore.

I miss the days of young when we were counting the hours until the LAST day of school, be it all Fridays, the eve of Christmas break; the cusp of spring break; the all-important summer break; and the final moments of your last class as a high school or college graduate. Those were the days…

Adulting, as I’ve heard it called by friends and associates, is much different today than it was during my youth growing-up in small town Kentucky. Moms stayed home and performed amazing duties, not only as Moms, but as domestic engineers. Dads worked 9-5, and joined the entire family at the dinner table before CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite.

Life and adulting has changed in many respects from those “good old days.”

I wear many hats at this stage in life, and I mean that figuratively. I volunteer as a community liaison for a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue. I am editorial director and head writer for this publication. I write blogs for another local marketing company owned by my mentor and friend, Stacy Hansen. I serve as administrative assistant to a locally-based, point-of-sale [POS] software company; and I am a caregiver to two individuals in their early 80’s. The lady has a terrific mind, works crossword puzzles all day, and frequently repeats the same stories I’ve heard a thousand times about many wonderful times with her late husband and her only son. The gentleman has Alzheimer’s disease and can’t remember the question he asked me two minutes ago. He was once a very hard worker for a natural gas company, and served as chief of the local fire department. Both have long since retired, and both need care 24/7, 365.

Neither desires to vacation anymore. It puts things in clarified perspective.

I miss the days of being able to surround the family table with my loved ones on a regular basis. I miss the family vacations we took to Steinhatchee and Myrtle Beach, SC. I miss my carefree lifestyle and being able to do my thing…whatever that was…whenever I wanted. However, I’m thankful I have these precious memories upon which to reflect.

No matter when I finally get an opportunity to vacation, or “staycation”, as the case may be, I think I’ll remove my adulting hat – and all of the others – and escape to Sun Park West and/or Howard Park. I’ll follow it up with a potent, refreshing beverage at Gil Dawgs, or perhaps, my favorite delicious dinner at Dimitri’s on the Water, paired beautifully with a fabulous merlot or pinot noir, of course.

I’ll top it all off with a visit to the water. To me, the Anclote, the bayous, and the gorgeous gulf waters are the most beautiful, spiritual, serene scenes upon which to escape, ponder and reflect…and be thankful I remember.


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