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“Hell, I’m Just Me” 

His story is the making of several good ole country songs. He may not walk or talk like John Wayne, or write or sing like Hank, but he’ll be the first to share proudly, “Hell, I’m Just Me.”

That also happens to be the name of his hit single played in more than 120 countries around the world, and climbing the Reverbnation charts weekly. This upcoming, local, country star known to his loyal Pasco and Pinellas county fans – and those across the globe – as Hub Reynolds, Jr., is the product of a challenging life, yet one transformed.

Born Russell M. Reynolds, September 24, 1961, in Winterhaven, Fl, “Rusty,” as he was affectionately known, grew up in the Tampa Bay area until he was 15 years-old. Employment opportunities led his father to relocate to Jacksonville, and later to Atlanta, and the young man went along. Rusty remained in Georgia until 2011, when he returned to Florida following a divorce and the utter collapse of the world, as he knew it.

Like many young people, Rusty dabbled in several trades through teens and early twenties. He started working as a bag boy at Winn Dixie in 1978, and spent 10 years working alongside his father at the popular grocery chain. He resigned as an assistant store manager in 1988, and entered the field of construction.

Rusty’s niche as an electrician journeyman expanded to include electrical lighting design, and finally, builder/contractor.  One of the youngest, most successful builders in Atlanta, Rusty Reynolds was highly acclaimed by one of the most well-known home inspectors in the Southeast United States, Jeff Pope. Pope described the homes designed and built by RMR Construction Company as “impeccable.”

Unfortunately, RMR shut their doors in December 2004, and Rusty became an independent contractor until May 28, 2006, the last day he worked in construction, as the economy imploded. After the collapse of his business constructing million dollar homes, Rusty suffered the loss of his 23-year marriage, when his wife filed for divorce as the bank account dwindled.

Depression set in, and he became suicidal over time. So much so, that he actually measured the length of rope that would be necessary to hang himself from an I-85 overpass.

Hub recalled this dark time in his life, “I planned suicide, but I couldn’t do it, thanks to my faith in God, and my boys.”

Mason, 25, and Dallas, 21, are “Daddy’s boys” and Hub’s pride & joy, along with his two-year-old granddaughter, “Miss Addie,” or little Miss Addison Reynolds. Family means everything to him, which is how he decided upon his stage name of Hub Reynolds, Jr., a tribute to a very important relative.

Hub Reynolds was his uncle and popular country music “honky tonk” singer in the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. Hub Jr., was once likened to his family member and mentor, considering his chiseled good looks, and his smooth country style. Rusty traded in his nickname for one with true meaning to him: Hub Reynolds, Jr.

After debilitating losses and three-and-a-half years of homelessness, Hub refused to give up. He has, instead, chosen to forgive those who hurt and disappointed him in the past, thanks to his solid Christian values.

Hub has traveled 35,000 miles across America six times doing his own public relations, shaking hands and attacking the media markets, all while using the Hub Reynolds name to propel himself into the wonderful world of country music.

His aspirations include recording a CD in Nashville at Trinity Broadcast Network, thereby making enough money to open three companies: Hub Reynolds Music Company, to represent and remarket his uncle’s songs to fund the Hub Reynolds, Jr., Music Enterprises Company, and a non-profit, RMR World Ministries Inc., a Christian organization to build baseball diamonds, food banks, shelters for abused women & children, and programs for Veterans and soldiers.

“My faith is who I am,” stated Hub. “Hell, I’m Just Me.”

You can download Hub’s hit single, “Hell, I’m Just Me” at; and keep up with his progress on, and other social media sites.

Photos by Traci Lewis Czyznik

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