Living the Wild Life | Your Wildlife Habitat Awaits – by Doreen S Damm

Your Wildlife Habitat Awaits

by Doreen S Damm

White Eyed Vireo

Wild life habitats are all around us. We are very fortunate here in Pasco County to have access to several parks offering many different eco-systems. But you don’t have to pack a picnic basket to enjoy wildlife.

From a small garden to your whole yard, all you need to do is put out the welcome mat and they will come. Attracting butterflies with a nectar rich flower bed in a sunny location will provide them with food. Plant their host plant and they will lay eggs allowing you to witness their whole life cycle.


Birds love sunflower seeds, nuts and berries. In addition to a feeder, plant lantana, beautyberry, hawthorn and holly. Instead of deadheading, let your flowers produce seed. A bird bath or shallow pond with a bubbler will offer them a drink and a place to bathe. The sound of running water can be heard high in the sky bringing down migrating birds and those that eat insects instead of visiting feeders.

Providing cover with trees, shrubs, brush piles and stacked stones offer safety and a place to raise young for a wide variety of animals. Resist the use of fertilizer by enriching soil with peat and compost. Use fallen leaves, pine needles and grass clipping as a natural mulch. A healthy habitat will have insects that in turn attract wildlife which then eat the insects so please, do not use pesticide in the wildlife habitat.

Depending on your location, your yard could experience occasional visits by a few or become the hot spot in the neighborhood for much of our local wildlife.

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Doreen S. Damm

Nature Photographer &

Wildlife Gardener

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Doreen S Damm
Administrative Assistant | Publishing Director | A background in Management, Sales and Visual Merchandising, I have always enjoyed doing a job that benefited others. I am a Native Floridian with a passion for nature and an interest in local history. I get inspiration from our many parks, and enjoy photographing the many visitors to my wildlife garden. Nature is where my heart finds joy and I love how the camera isolates what I am seeing making it that much more special.

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