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DIY Reading Lamp Headboard – Simple, inexpensive, and practical! Kristy lists’How to Build’ instructions below – including materials and cuts!

For this Headboard (size: FULL)


5 1×8 pine boards

2 1×4 pine boards

2 1×4 pine boards

Sander or sanding block

Rag (for wiping away dust)

Wood stain Rag, paintbrush, sponge brush (for staining)

1 1/4” wood screws (for attaching legs and supports)

1/2” wood screws (only need 4 for attaching both pancake boxes)

Power drill (with Phillips screwdriver attachment and small spade bit)

2 round electrical pancake boxes

2 wall lights/sconces 2 power supply cords (3 prong/ 3 wires)


5 – 1x8s @ 57 1/2” long (headboard)

2 – 1x4s @ 53” long (legs)

2 – 1x4s @ 36” long (supports)


1. First I sanded and wiped away dust.

2. Stained, wiped away excess, dried per the label’s instructions. You can apply additional coats until you’ve reached desired look. I applied two coats of Minwax Special Walnut stain.

3. Once dried, I flipped over and arranged 1x8s evenly.

4. Then arranged 1x4s (two legs and two supports). Mine are placed about 5 1/2 inches from side.

5. I drilled pilot holes first, then attached 1-1/4 inch wood screws, two screws per 1×8 plank.

6. Headboard build complete! Now onto lighting..Something new to me so hang in there..First I needed to make a hole in the pancake box for the power supply cord to feed through. I took a screwdriver and mallet and tapped one of the round holes out, then pulled off with pliers.

7. Then I attached pancake boxes with 1/2 inch wood screws. The center of my pancake box is about 9 inches from the side and about 3 inches from top.

8. Then I changed drill bit to a small spade bit (1/2 size spade bit). Drilled a hole through pancake box (avoiding hitting the headboard legs). Then vacuumed the dust.

9. Note: I am a newbie to lighting (first time here!!), if you have ANY questions, consult an electrician! Next I threaded the wire through the back (black, white, and green wires). My sconce also had 3 wires (white, black, ground). Matched the black cord of your wall light to the black cord of the power supply cord. Secured using an electrical cap (usually supplied with the wall light). Matched the white cord of the wall light to the white cord of the power supply cord; secured with electrical cap. And again, matched the grounding wire from wall light to green cord of the supply cord.

10. Next I attached the entire light fixture to pancake box with the screws that came with the light – tightened screws with drill. Then attached lampshade and light bulb. plugged it in, turned the switch – SO THRILLED it worked!

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Credit: This video was inspired by BuzzFeed Nifty “$150 Reading Lamp Headboard”…

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