No Rules, Only Fun Allowed in Rooters Club. Pasco’s Networking Group!

There is no one except your Momma who roots for you and supports your efforts more than Jim Murdock and his Rooters Networking Club.

Jim is a self-proclaimed, semi-retired, professional party-planner, and all he has ever wanted to do is help people! Founder of Rooters, Jim thrives on the ability to connect with people and connect people.

He has successfully worn many hats, managing a credit card processing career, as well as many years in the computer industry.

A native of Georgetown, SC, Jim was living in Chicago before moving to Florida in September 1988, when he met a beautiful woman – inside and out – and his life changed forever! Sherry became his wife, and she and Jim have been blissfully married for 28 years and counting. Although, they have weathered many storms over the recent years, they continue to support each other and live life to the fullest!

As initially established, Jim’s passion is helping people. He founded Rooters Club after attending several networking meetings that had rules, requirements, and dues. He was put-off by the restrictions and the cost of losing one’s place with three missed meetings. Further, only one professional from each industry was accepted into the fold. There was no room for “healthy competition.”

Unhappy with this premise, he collaborated with a friend to start his own networking group, the only rule being, there were NO RULES, no dues, and no penalties if meetings or mixers were missed. You may not be the only realtor or plumber in the group, but for Jim, it is all about helping one another, with a little “healthy competition” along the way.

Rooters Club members root for each other and send referrals to their friends and colleagues within the group. A meeting for lunch every weekday provides an opportunity for anyone and everyone to attend.

Rooters Luncheons 12:00 – 1:00. Check out there facebook page for list of meetings.

You are likely to network with as many as 100 professionals at any given lunch or mixer. Monthly mixers are very popular Rooters’ happy hour events allowing you to meet and mingle on a more casual, social level.

You are invited to attend any of the Rooters Club luncheons or mixers to meet your area professionals, who will likely become great referral sources and dear friends! To learn more about Rooters Club, visit their website,; download their new, FREE app; or call Jim at 727-534-6275.

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