Taking an End of the Summer Break Vacation

Ten Things to Do to Get Your Home “Vacation Ready”

Every home is unique and having a check list of things to do helps get your home in vacation mode so you don’t wonder if you stopped the newspaper or turned off the hot water heater while you are making memories with Family. Make a digital list that you reuse each vacation and print it out so you can check it off before you leave. Here are a few items to get you started.

  • Adjust Your Thermostat – just a few degrees can save you on your electric bill while you are away
  • Adjust Your Hot Water Heater – same goes for the temperature of your hot water, better yet, turn it off
  • Pull the Plug – unused appliances and electronics can be unplugged. Not only will it save on electricy, it will prevent electictrial surges from zapping your big ticket items.
  • Freshness Checkup – while you will not be unplugging your refrigerator, now is a good time to check all the bins for outdated or perishable items that will not be good when you return. Don’t forget the room temperature foods too. Nothing worse then coming home to a moldy banana.
  • Avoid Water Leaks – locate the emergency shut off for the water entering your home and turn it off. While some people so this at the underground water main, you don’t want to turn it off here if you have a sprinkler system or you may return to a dried out landscape.
  • Stop Deliveries – or arrange for a friend to collect them daily. This could be the obvious like your mail and newspaper to your regularly scheduled subscription deliveries like Amazon subscribe and save, Zephyrhills bottled water or your meal club.
  • Florida Storms – while tropical storms and hurricanes are just part of living in the sunshine state, some of our thunderstorms can be just as damaging. Take a walk around your yard and bring in or secure any items that would blow around in a storm.

Having a list takes the guess work out of trip planning and helps get you on the road to fun and relaxation faster.

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