In loving memory of our very own “Local Star – Alvin Kirk” This article was first published in It’s Your Home Magazine, February 2017 Issue 43 – Published by Debbie Dawson, REALTOR® Everyone Loves Alvin Kirk! A Huge Heart & A Whole Lotta Swag The story of Alvin Kirk is a story about a […]

Bonnie Solino – Local Star / Novelist | Debbie Dawson, REALTOR®

Bonnie Solino is our Local Star and she based her latest novel, “Johan and the Secret Caves” on her experiences and knowledge of Norway and its wonderful people, giving her the color and characters of her story. She attributes her experiences with a Norwegian foreign exchange student and her family that gave her insight into […]

Hub Reynolds Jr – Local Star | Debbie Dawson, REALTOR®

Singer songwriter, Hub Reynolds Jr. “Hell, I’m Just Me”  Hub Reynolds Jr. story is the making of several good ole country songs. He may not walk or talk like John Wayne, or write or sing like Hank, but he’ll be the first to share proudly, “Hell, I’m Just Me.” That also happens to be the […]